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Chocolate Truffles


We are extraordinarily pleased to offer you a luxurious selection of chocolate truffles which are hand-made by a master pậtissier-confiseur-glacier. Robert Reeb is the third generation of his family to have a love affair with chocolate. He brings together the Swiss art of confection and melds it with that of his native France to create chocolates that are a world apart from the ordinary.

Each chocolate is hand-made using fresh, natural ingredients of the highest quality for a truly epicurean experience. These bite-sized morsels offer contrasting tastes and textures designed to seduce the senses.


C H O C O L A T E S   I N C L U D E:

Dark Chocolate Truffle
Experience enchanting indulgence with rich ganache encased in a superb dark chocolate coating.
Milk Chocolate Truffle
Sweet Delight! Sensational milk chocolate surrounds a luscious ganache interior.
Cognac Truffle
A cognac and ganache mixture dipped in dark chocolate, elegantly topped with a crystallized violet petal.
White Chocolate Truffle
Relish the subtle combination of ganache mixed with finely ground caramelized hazelnuts, then finished in white chocolate.
Grand Marnier Truffle
Savor Grand Marnier and ganache surrounded by delicious milk chocolate and decorated with candied orange peel.
Cocoa Truffle
The Blue Ribbon of all chocolate truffles! Pure ganache rolled in semi-sweet chocolate and coated in bitter cocoa powder.
(Wrapped in gold foil)
Rum-raisin Truffle
Golden raisins soaked in rum and combined with delectable ganache, then rolled in milk chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar.
(Wrapped in chartreuse foil))
Hazelnut Bûchette
A hazelnut paste and chocolate mixture surrounded by pistachio marzipan with dark chocolate brushed on the outside. A favorite of the Chef!
Rum Fondant
Indulge your fantasy with a delicate mixture of rum, chocolate and creamy fondant surrounded by smooth milk chocolate.
Kirsch Fondant
Dark chocolate filled with an enticing combination of kirsch, chocolate, and creamy fondant.
Mocha Truffle
A marvelous combination of coffee and ganache immersed in milk chocolate, then topped with a chocolate coffee bean.
Caramel Truffle
A sumptuous combination of ganache and soft caramel rolled in granulated sugar. Truly a winner!
(Wrapped in lavender foil)
Vanilla Marzipan -
Vanilla flavored marzipan dipped in dark chocolate and delicately decorated with white chocolate.
Dark Rocher, Milk Rocher
Simple, yet fantastic - sliced almonds mixed with dark chocolate or milk chocolate.
Candied Orange Peel
Candied orange peel dipped in dark or milk chocolate. Yummy!

Note: Because the chocolates are hand made they will vary slightly from the photographs and from each other. This is the signature of quality that sets the chocolates of Robert Reeb apart from those which are mass produced.

We do not ship truffles in the warmer months!

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