How do you make coffee?

Bunn BT-10 Drip Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe The key ingredients here are equipment, water, and coffee. High quality water and coffee are key. It’s possible to make a good cup of coffee with an inexpensive drip maker, but poor quality water or coffee will spoil your results even if you have the most expensive equipment.

Drip coffee makers can be inexpensive, and the simplest way to make a good cup of coffee (there are simpler ways to make coffee, but not as good). Drip makers range from a filter holder that sits above a pot or your cup, to coffee makers that heat water and automatically send the water over the grounds and into a coffee pot. Both these types of brewers generally use paper filters, though re-useable gold filters are available for some types of coffee-makers.

Ideally your drip maker should get the water temperature to between 195° and 205° Fahrenheit. The drawback to some of the automatic drip makers in that they do not consistently reach the proper temperature for ideal brewing.

Generally just follow the instructions that came with your brewer. Here are some other tips that might not be included:

  • Use a medium grind for the coffee unless the filter is a Melitta cone, then use a medium-fine grind.

  • Wet the paper filter before using.

  • Place about ¼ ounce (1 rounded tablespoon) of ground coffee per 6 ounce cup in the filter. Vary this according to personal taste.

  • If your automatic drip brewer has a heating element to keep the pot warm, don’t leave the coffee on it too long (more than 10 minutes or so). Otherwise you will “cook” the coffee.

The best drip makers use a thermal insulated carafe that keeps the coffee warm once brewed.