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Our Packaging

J Martinez & Company Coffee Boxes

J. Martinez & Company Packaging with Box and InsertWe are very proud of our packaging, designed in London by the renowned David Taylor and Company. Our famous green box conveys the quality of our coffee. The box also makes a splendid coffee gift, and looks like one with or without a ribbon or bow. The coffee is weighed, nitrogen-flushed and vacuum sealed in a bag with a one-way degassing valve (the valve is important since freshly roasted coffee gives off carbon dioxide - without the valve the bag would burst). The bag is then packed in the box with a coffee scoop and small coffee leaflet that has brewing and storage instructions. All coffees are available by the pound or half pound.

J. Martinez & Company Vacuum BagMany of our repeat customers prefer receiving their coffee packed in just the valve bag, perhaps because they can get the coffee open and brewed just a little bit faster. There is also less waste to dispose of. Either way we are happy to accommodate you. If you want just the valve bag you can choose so when ordering by clicking on the "Just the Vacuum Bag" option.