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THE ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION - ATLANTA & THE WORLD "Today's Gift - Globally Yummy" by Jill Sabulis. December 07, 2005


THE ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION - FOOD & DRINK "Food News & Events" by Frank C. Rizzo. August 04, 2005


THE SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE - "Matters of Taste" by Maureen Clancy. July 9, 2003


THE MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL - ENTREE "This Just In" by Anne Schamberg. January 5, 2003


THE OREGONIAN - MARKET BASKET "Martinez Fine Coffees Finca La Loma" by Cheri Swoboda. December 17, 2002


ATLANTA MAGAZINE - "At Last! A Great Cup of Coffee" by Robert Coram. September, 2001

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THE ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION - FOOD "Like Fine Wine, Importer's Coffee not Your Average Joe" by Lee May. March 08, 2001


WINE SPECTATOR - "Aging Gracefully - With coffee, fresh doesn't always mean young" by Sam Gugino. June 30, 2000


WINE SPECTATOR - "Estate Coffee - Does it matter where, how and by whom your beans are grown?" by Sam Gugino. June 30, 1999


BLOOMBERG - "Premium Pours" by Elin McCoy and John Frederick Walker. April 1998




DOSSIER - "Atlanta's Hall of Fame" . November/December, 1997


CIGAR AFICIONADO - "A Man Who Knows His Beans" by Sam Gugino. May/June 1997


WINE SPECTATOR - "Blue Mountain" by Sam Gugino. November 15, 1996


BUSINESS ATLANTA - "Stand Aside, Juan Valdez" . October, 1992


BON APPETIT - "Collecting the Best - The Best: Mail-Order Coffee" by Jonna Veitch Carls. September, 1992


USA TODAY - "Good from the first drop - Gourmet coffees perk up in popularity" by Jane Harvey. July 6, 1992


FOOD & WINE - "Know your beans - A Guide to the Best Coffees" by Elin McCoy and John Frederick Walker. June 1992


TOWN & COUNTRY - "Special Delivery: Holiday Treats" by Catherine Calvert with Marcena Hopkins. December 1991


GEORGIA TREND - "Business Is Perking Up" by Cathleen Cole. August 1990


FOOD & WINE - "What's New" by M.C. July 1990


PLAYBOY - "Brews From The South" by David Stevens. June 1990


THE NEW YORK TIMES - "At the Nation's Table - An Atlanta coffee retailer imports its beans directly from the estate" by Liza Nelson. February 7, 1990


THE ROBB REPORT - "Ultimate Gifts 1989" December 1989


CHICAGO TRIBUNE - "First wine, now coffee from estates" November 30, 1989


IN GOOD TASTE, Published by the Specialty Coffee Association of America -
"Members' Marketing Ideas - Feature Estate Coffees" November-December 1989


TEA & COFFEE TRADE JOURNAL - "Retailer offers first estate coffees" September 1989


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ATLANTA BUSINESS CHRONICLE - "Don't ask John Martinez for a plain cup of joe" December 19, 1988