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Coffee Basics

Basic information about storing and preparing coffee

Dear Friends and Customers,

A more accurate label for this page would be "A Few Things That We Think You Should Know About Coffee". Unfortunately one of the constraints of this electronic age is the requirement to abbreviate and sometimes -- as in this instance -- to the point of irrelevance. So, to those of you who were hoping to find encyclopaedic information about coffee -- we tender our apologies.

The topics that we discuss on this page are ones that we have to address frequently -- questions that we are called upon to answer over and over again -- because we do a number of things differently.

When I came up with the concept to market 'estate' coffees I immediately realized the impact that this would have on coffee nomenclature. Up until 1988 when I introduced estate coffees, specialty coffees were designated by the name of the country of origin and the region within that country where the coffee was grown. So, naming the estate where the coffee was grown would expand coffee nomenclature, taking it one step further to its logical conclusion.

Then when I started to think about how I was going to present these coffees to you, I realized that because I was positioning estate coffees at the very top end of the coffee industry I would have to explain why estate coffees -- indeed all coffees offered by J. Martinez & Company -- were among the very best available. Some of the things which make J. Martinez & Company unique are -- I am proud to say -- things which we introduced to American consumers. Here then are some J. Martinez & Company 'firsts':

Roast – We offer coffees in a choice of roasts allowing customers to select the style of roast that they prefer.

Freshness – J. Martinez & Company were the first to 'roast on the day of shipment' emphasizing the importance of freshness.

Grades – We were the first coffee merchant (retailer) to purchase only the top or premium grade of each coffee that we offer.

Labelling – We guarantee customers that we will not blend our premium coffees. This guarantee is printed on our packaging.

Introducing new concepts means implementing change -- and it is human nature to resist change -- so the immediate and affirmative response with which we were received was most rewarding. You made it possible for me to realize a dream -- to provide access to the world's finest coffees. I would like to thank each and every one of you for your enthusiasm and loyalty and welcome new customers to the extended family of J. Martinez & Company.







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