We received a question from a customer about how much coffee to use when making Tanzania Peaberry in a 12 cup drip maker. We have a standard answer, but we also have a 12 cup maker and we realized that we generally deviate from our standard answer. Why? because taste is subjective and all of us have our different preferences. So the standard answer is one rounded tablespoon per 6 ounce cup. That would be about 3 ounces of coffee for a 12 cup coffee maker, or 12 rounded tablespoons. But this is really just a starting point. You can make it stronger or weaker according to your own taste. And how do we make it? 3.5 ounces, or 14 rounded tablespoons (we have lots of weighing equipment so it is easy to weigh our coffee). We brew all our coffee the same, and don't vary much between types of coffee. We like it strong!