iced americano

Spring is in the air! Of course, depending on where you live, that can mean the air is either still bitterly cool or unexpectedly hot. Some spring days can’t even seem to decide between the two, with frost in the morning and sunny afternoons worthy of beachwear.

With all this indecisiveness, you may have trouble picking spring coffee drinks that fit the weather. Luckily, coffee has so many diverse uses that you can pick a Goldilocks-approved drink that’s not blisteringly hot but not as cool as iced coffee. Here are three of our favorites that give us our springtime java jump and get it “just right”:

Iced Americano

With their perfect mix of espresso and water, Americanos can help you stay caffeinated and hydrated at the same time. If it’s especially hot outside, you may want to get some of that water from ice instead of the tap. Adding ice to your Americano will keep it chilled without bringing it down to frosty levels.

When ordering an iced Americano, build the drink with espresso first before adding four to six ounces of cold water and then topping with a scoop of ice. Building it in this order keeps the ice from melting immediately and prevents the espresso from getting acidic from rapid cooling.

Espresso Cortado

Like a cafe latte but bolder and less milky, the espresso cortado goes down smoothly and makes an impact on your taste buds. Traditionally, it is 1:1 espresso and steamed milk, served in a glass. The glass helps the drink cool off faster, but it can also warm your hands. This combination of hot and cold makes it perfect for those chilly spring mornings where the sun is still shining full force.


Since it can be a bit complicated to make and involves dirtying two dishes, a sidecar is not the sort of drink you want to order with a line full of impatient commuters behind you. But if you have a relaxing morning or afternoon ahead of you and are somewhat familiar with the barista, don’t feel too guilty about ordering this indulgent drink designed for sipping. Sidecars are also great to make at home.

A sidecar is an espresso double shot split into two demitasse cups. One is left alone, but the other has a dollop of textured steamed milk added, like a macchiato. With this combination, you can sip the unadulterated espresso at your leisure to appreciate its full, bold flavors. Then, when you wish to calm the bitterness or cool down, you can sip on the dairy-influenced cup. Single-origin coffees can be particularly amazing to savor from this combination.

Affogato al Caffè

Yes, this is just a fancy name for a “coffee float” or an “espresso a la mode.” To make this drink, take a small scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and pour espresso over it. Stir gently and enjoy!

The trick is to use high-quality ice cream to make sure that you can do the complex flavors of the espresso justice.

Always Make Your Coffee Drinks for Spring with Gourmet Coffee Beans

A cup of coffee is only as good as its beans, so make sure to only buy high-quality, gourmet coffee beans from a trusted source. Martinez Fine Coffees offers single-origin and estate coffees in a variety of flavor profiles and roasts. Pick your favorite bean to enjoy a not-too-cool, not-too-hot spring filled with amazing coffee!