The Cultures of Coffee: A Vacation in a Cup!

Vacation In A Cup

While traveling can be an exciting experience, it can also be costly and time consuming. If you want to travel, but just can’t at this point in your life, have no fear, for coffee is here. Coffee comes from all over the world, and can add new elements of culture to your home, straight from the cup. Depending on what region of the world the beans hail from, the cultures of coffee can vary and give you that vacation experience you are looking for.

Coffee Makes the World Go Round

According to the Global Exchange, more than 12 billion pounds of coffee are consumed across the world annually. Coffee is a great export for many countries in every region. Each blend of international coffee has its own flavor, highlighting delicate ingredients that are true to the country’s culture.

Coffee beans from Jamaica typically have fruity undertones that will place you right on the beautiful beaches of their shores. Like Hawaii’s diverse landscapes, their beans have a complex flavor that will fill your cup with a savory coffee, reminding you of their deep and rich history.

Sumatra coffees are loved by those who enjoy a dark, full-bodied blend. Thanks to hundreds of years of perfection in the rich fields of South Asia, this blend of coffee is the perfect combination of smooth flavors with an amazing aroma and low acidity.

Coffee from Kenya has a slightly tangy undertone, which is distinctive. And because South America has landscapes from shores to mountains and everything in between, the flavors of their coffee beans can vary. By exploring these different regions through your coffee cup, you could find a blend that you love, and feel like you are connected to that part of the world.

Change-Up Your Cup O’ Joe

The cultures of coffee can help you take your vacation-like experience a step further. You could prepare and drink your coffee that same way that coffees are enjoyed all over the world. If you’re like most Americans, you overload your coffee with different flavors and creams, but in other cultures, they drink their coffee in more innovative and genuine ways.

In Brazil, coffee is made my mixing fine grounds with hot water and sugar. It is then strained through a filter before it is enjoyed. During those unbearably hot days in Vietnam, they prefer to brew concentrated coffee over condensed milk and then pour it over ice. The condensed milk cools and sweetens the coffee before it hits the ice. It’s a refreshing alternative to American iced coffee.

Italy is famous for their espresso. Experimenting with steam and frothed milk, cappuccinos and lattes are popular in this part of the world. However, unlike Americans, Italians do not prefer to have coffee after a large meal, according to travel writer Lee Marshall. For a bitter taste, you can drink your coffee like they do in Kenya. They prepare coffee in brass kettles over a charcoal stove. It fills the cup with a strong, dense and extra-bold drink. By looking at these different ways to prepare coffee, you would feel immersed in other cultures during your morning pick-me-up.

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