Top Reasons to Start Drinking Coffee

If there is anything most of us can relate to, it’s fighting sleep while waiting for coffee to finish brewing. Throughout our busy, twenty-first century lives, we find ourselves craving caffeine more and more. From Monday mornings to afternoon slumps, coffee is the perfect pick-me-up (but maybe we’re biased). At J. Martinez & Company, we have plenty of options for even the grouchiest non-morning person. If the caffeine itself isn’t enough to get you running to the nearest coffee shop, there are still plenty of reasons to start brewing. Not convinced? Here are our top reasons why you should always have a fresh pot of coffee on hand.


Even if you aren’t fond of black coffee, you can still enjoy a nice cup of joe in the morning (or any time after). We carry blends from all over the world, each with their own distinct flavor. Roasts can be light, medium or dark; if you are feeling a little more adventurous—or maybe just incredibly sleepy—you can try your coffee with espresso. If you are new coffee, additions like cinnamon, milk and sugar or artificial sweeteners can make a world of difference. Or, if you are trying to kick the caffeine habit, we have plenty of delicious decaf blends. No matter your preference, coffee has endless possibilities.


During these wintry months, is there anything quite as soothing as a hot mug in your hands? We didn’t think so. What about the smell of fresh coffee beans? Or your favorite coffee shop? We believe that it’s the simple things in life that make us the happiest…and coffee first thing in the morning is definitely one of them. If you love coffee as much as we do, chances are the sound of a coffee machine can instantly lift your mood. Don’t take it for granted; just be sure to treat yourself on a bad day.


Coffee has gotten a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to health. Myths about coffee, like how it can stunt your growth, often scare people from even ever giving any coffee shop a try. This is highly unfortunate because recent studies show that coffee can actually be good for you! Coffee happens to be packed with antioxidants that our bodies can easily absorb; it has also been found to prevent Parkinson’s, liver disease and skin cancer. Armed with that sort of medical knowledge, you can enjoy your coffee guilt-free.

Fancy a Cup of Tea?

If you’ve tried hundreds of times and still can’t get on board with the whole coffee thing, maybe you can give tea a try. Like coffee, tea has loads of health benefits—and there’s countless of teas to try! Check out our teas on sale…and maybe pick up some sweets to go with it.

There you have it—the very best reasons to drink coffee. Our Atlanta location has all kinds of coffees in stock, and we at Martinez Fine Coffees can help you find exactly what you are looking for. To learn more, visit our website or sign up for our newsletter. We’ll talk over coffee!