How to Find Perfectly Roasted Coffee

Connoisseurs of medium roasted beans, which is the most popular type of roast in the United States, certain qualities become paler as the beans get darker. On the other hand, when the beans are lighter, these qualities become bolder. Therefore, it’ll probably be a good idea to make these beans a littler darker in order to soften the acidity. Other coffees, however, may not be very acidic, so making these beans lighter will allow you to keep all of the acidity these beans contain.

Roasting Is as Much of an Art as It Is a Science

Once you’ve decided on the color you want for the beans, you need to preheat the roaster somewhere between 400 and 500 degrees and pour the coffee beans in the top. Be sure to check the beans every few minutes or so to make certain they haven’t roasted past your desired level. When the beans are finally roasted, they are finally ready to be made into coffee.

When you go to your local coffee shop to order your usual latte, you probably don’t think much about the coffee roasting process. But behind the scenes of your favorite coffee drink, diligent artists, whose experience and skills make your morning much better, work very hard to make the perfect roast. Nevertheless, serving you the perfect cup of coffee every day is not an easy task, but to J. Martinez & Company, it is our passion.