Gourmet Coffee: One of the Best Seasonal Gifts for Employees

gourmet coffee

According to USA Today, more than 83 percent of American adults drink coffee on a regular basis. With those kinds of numbers, it is safe to say that most of your employees probably drink, and enjoy drinking, coffee. With the gifting season coming up, you should consider giving them coffee. What for, you ask? Here are a few reasons why gourmet coffee is considered to be one of the best seasonal gifts you can give your employees this upcoming holiday season.

Coffee can Boost Office Morale

Especially if the coffee is caffeinated, it can help boost office morale. If your office is like most, things can seem to move a little more slowly after lunch. Everyone has full stomachs, and their morning boost of caffeine has worn off. This afternoon-effect can be that much worse during the holiday season, when employees are daydreaming about their plans for the upcoming holidays.

By introducing gourmet coffee to the office, you can eliminate the “afternoon sleepies” with delicious coffee. Not only will it give everyone a little boost to get through the rest of the work day, they probably will appreciate you for thinking of them.

It’s a Thoughtful and Useful Gift

The best seasonal gifts are those that are not only thoughtful but useful as well. Coffee is at the top of that list. It shows your employees that you took the time out of your busy, end-of-the-year schedule to get them a gift, and they will actually use it too. With gifts like coffee sets, you can push this thoughtfulness into a whole new realm. Your office can enjoy comparing the different kinds of coffee, which can help build better bonds among you and your employees.

Coffee is Great Any Time of the Year

No matter what the season or the temperature outside, coffee is great year-round. However, with that being said, coffee is especially great during those brisk, winter mornings. Your employees will enjoy warming up with a cup of rich, full-bodied coffee during those days when they can’t seem to shake off the chill from the air. Even if you are looking to give your employees a gift in the off-season, coffee is still a great choice, because chances are, they drink it every day of the year.

It’s a No-Brainer for You

If there is someone new to the office, or there is an employee you haven’t quite figured out yet, giving them gourmet coffee as a gift is a no-brainer. Even when you don’t know what kind of roast they like, you can still get them a gift certificate. This is what makes coffee one of the best seasonal gifts, because you can never go wrong or have to worry about leaving anyone out during the holiday season.

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