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Brewing Coffee with a French Press

Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee BrewerThe press pot, or French press, is one of the simplest ways to brew coffee, and many consider it the ideal ways to brew coffee. Brewing with Bodum Chambord French Press is quite simple

How to make the coffee:

  1. 1. Remove the plunger unit out of the pot.

  2. 2. For each 4 oz. cup, put 1 rounded tablespoon of coarse ground coffee into the pot.

  3. - Use only coarse ground coffee. Fine grind can clog the filter and cause sludge in your coffee cup.

    4. Pour water that has just been boiled into the pot. Leave about 1 inch of space at the top. Stir the brew.

  4. 5. Place the plunger unit on top of the pot. Turn lid to close off the pour spout opening. Do not press the plunger down yet. Let the coffee brew for at least 4 minutes.

  5. 6. Gently press the plunger straight down into the pot. Lowering the plunger slowly with minimal pressure produces best results and if you press too hard you might cause coffee to come spurting out of the pot. If the filter clogs or it becomes difficult to push down the plunger you should remove the plunger from the pot, stir the brew and then slowly plunge again.

  6. 7. Turn the lid to open the pour spout and then pour coffee.

  7. 8. Unscrew the filter assembly and clean the plunger unit after each use. All par ts are dishwasher safe.

Now if you are fanatical about your coffee and have ideal conditions here are some tips to make your coffee extra special:

Grind your coffee yourself immediately prior to use. Use a good burr grinder, like the Bodum Bistro Electric Grinder, and do not grind until your water is boiling. Measure out the coffee as soon as you have finished grinding and putting it directly into the pot. Pour hot water immediately into the pot and follow the instructions from step 3 above. After finishing the steps above decant your coffee into a thermal carafe. A good Alfi carafe will keep it hot for hours.