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Sherwood Coffee Works

Sherwood Coffee Works processes exclusively the coffee of Resource Coffee Farm, Sherwood Forest, and Whitfield Hall and markets the coffee as RSW Estates. The coffee works have been in use since the late 1700’s, and use traditional methods of processing, though it stores the green coffee at the proper humidity to ensure its freshness.

The ripe coffee cherries are brought to Sherwood from the other farms where the coffee is inspected and pulped. After the coffee is pulped instead of scrubbing away the mucilage, the fermentation method of removing the mucilage is used, which Sherwood believes enhances the flavor of the bean. The coffee is then sun dried, a further flavor enhancer according to many tasters, and then rested in humidity and temperature controlled conditions to allow the bean to develop its full flavor. At the end of this two to three month period the coffee is then hulled, polished and graded, with sorting done by hand to remove any defective beans. The sorted and finished coffee is returned to temperature and humidity controlled facilities until shipment.

Prior to export the coffee is further inspected and tested by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica, as required of all export coffee from Jamaica.