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May 2012 Mother's Day - Gift Suggestions

Mother's Day - 2012
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Mother's Day

Company Newsletter
1 May 2012

Mother's Day Thoughts

Do you remember those quiet, meaningful, afternoon talks with Mom over a cup of coffee? Maybe it was morning chats on Saturdays when you really began to connect with your mother, to know her as a person, not just Mom? Or perhaps Sunday mornings, before church, or you called her before you even started on the New York Times?

Maybe your chats are over the phone and you were enjoying a delicious cup of J. Martinez & Company coffee. But what was she drinking? Was it as rich and delicious? Is she drinking coffee as good as what you are getting from J. Martinez? Doesn't she deserve the best; don't your conversations merit a higher quality coffee? Don't you feel a twinge of guilt that you are enjoying one of life's least expensive luxuries and your mother, who birthed you, raised you, taught you manners, is still drinking some supermarket coffee that was roasted and ground weeks or months ago, and is probably a robusta blend?

You can relieve the guilt this Mother's Day. You can feel better about yourself and your chats with Mom. We know that you have thought about helping her upgrade from the stale bitter brew she drinks each morning. But its not the thought that counts, it's the coffee. Send her something she will remember you by each morning with each flavorful sip. Send her some J. Martinez & Company coffee. And add some pecans or chocolates too; it will help it all be better.

We have a Mother's Day Special. Visit this page and learn about it.