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November 2011 No. 2 - A vintage newsletter

For your reading pleasure a vintage J. Martinez & Company Newsletter from Melanie Martinez.

Martinez Storefront
Company Newsletter
26 July , 2006.

Dear Friends and Customers,

The story goes that a London merchant, one Mr. Edwards, acquired the taste for coffee while traveling in the Levant. So that he could continue to enjoy this delightful beverage when he returned home he employed an Armenian youth by the name of Pasqua Rosée who prepared the beverage to perfection.

On his return, many friends called to welcome Mr. Edwards home. All were offered a cup of coffee -- then little known in England. Mr. Edwards found that his friends returned again and again to visit and … curiously, he noted that they returned at the hour at which he took his coffee.

At length, in order to recover his privacy, he was compelled to provide his servant with the means to open a coffee-house. Notice was given that coffee was to be 'Made and sold in St. Michael's Alley in Cornhill, by Pasqua Rosée, at the sign of his own Head'.

Thus in 1652 did London get its first coffee-house to which, Mr. Edwards suggested, all those who wished to drink coffee might now repair.

When next you are sipping a cup of Martinez Fine Coffee in the comfort and relative tranquility of your home, remember Mr. Edwards. To ensure that you can enjoy your favorite beverage in solitude, you have only to provide your friends and neighbors with our contact information so that they can come straight to the source of "Man's most affordable luxury!"

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First Coffee Ad

Handbill advertisement used
by Pasqua Rosée in 1652.

Jamaica Wine House

The Jamaica Wine House is situated on the site of London's first coffee-house, the Pasqua Rosée.

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