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October 2012 Coffee Industry Board

October 2012 Newsletter Jamaica Coffee Industry Board
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October 17, 2012

Company Newsletter
Jamaica’s Coffee Industry Board

How many exporters of Blue Mountain coffee are there?

Just one: the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica, a government entity that ensures the quality of Jamaican coffee. The CIB was formed in 1948 to revive the coffee industry. Jamaican coffee has been more highly valued than other coffees almost since the 17th century. But the two World Wars deprived Jamaica of one of its most important markets, Europe. Quality and production declined with flagging sales. Canada was taking most Jamaican coffee, but the country stopped purchasing in 1943.

David Evans Chief Cup Tester cupping coffee at J. Martinez in Atlanta With the assistance of the Coffee Industry Board Jamaica’s growers and processors returned to producing the coffee prized around the world. The CIB’s remit covers Jamaican coffee from seed to processed green coffee. It has a nursery where it cultivates coffee trees and an extension office that offers technical support to farmers. The CIB licenses and monitors the coffee processors as well as all domestic coffee. All green coffee to be exported passes through the CIB warehouse. The CIB tests each batch for quality, including cupping to ensure the coffee is properly graded and meets CIB quality standards.

By controlling and enforcing the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee and Jamaica High Mountain Coffee trademarks the CIB further protects the reputation of the island’s coffee. Being the sole exporter, the CIB approves all purchasers of green Jamaican coffee. J. Martinez & Company is proud to be an authorized importer of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and Jamaica High Mountain coffee since our founding in 1988.

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