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Specialty Coffees

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J. Martinez & Company - The World's Finest Coffees

In countries famed for their outstanding coffees, where geography and climate have combined to produce a bean of rare body, aroma and flavour, we buy the finest specialty coffees available.

Sometimes called 'gourmet' coffees, specialty coffees come from specific regions and are more correctly known as 'straights' or origin coffees.

We hope that you will derive pleasure from exploring the unique and distinctive characteristics of these fine premium specialty coffees from J. Martinez & Company.

We roast to the customer's specification (Medium, Dark or French Roast) on the day of shipment. Although we recommend that beans be ground just before brewing, we will, of course, grind them for you if requested.


swiss water process logoDecaffeinated Coffees

For those who prefer decaffeinated coffee, we offer nine coffees decaffeinated by the SWISS WATER® process.

The SWISS WATER® logo next to the product description indicates that it is available decaffeinated.